The Double Trouble Stun Gun is the Muhammad Ali of Stun Guns, With a 1.2 Million Volt Punch

 The Double Trouble Stun Gun is the Muhammad Ali of Stun Guns, With a 1.2 Million Volt Punch

As a means of self defense stun guns are one of the most effective self defense products out there. Because they are considered less than lethal and are somewhat .38 special ammo  inexpensive they have become wildly popular. Many people are now using them as their chosen way to keep themselves protected. They come in many different shapes and sizes as well as many power rangers. It is just a matter of finding one that is right for you.

Today I want to talk about a very unique stun guns that packs a serious punch. It is called the Double Trouble stun gun. This thing is intense to put it lightly. The average stun gun is around 500k volts, give or take. This bad boy comes in at 1.2 million volts.

What makes it so unique is the fact that it is 2 stun guns built into one. There is a handle that is ergonomically fitted to your hand and on both ends of the handle there is a stun unit that looks like a normal stun gun just a bit smaller. It is basically two 600,000 volt stun guns built into one reasonably sized unit.

From the sounds of it, it seems like it would be very big. But that is not the case. It uses the latest in stun gun technology that gives it the ability to produce huge power in a small package.

One huge benefit is its ability to spread out the electrical current over a wider area of the body, thus creating a much larger impact. With the average stun gun you get about 2 inches of spread for the current. But with the Double Trouble stun gun you get about 6 inches of spread. That’s about 3 times as much as the average stun gun plus it has twice the power.

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