Massage Therapist Schools – Creating Futures

Find Massage Therapist Schools in the United States and Canada. Future bodywork practitioners can elect to enroll in any one of several massage therapist schools; which offer diploma, certificate and/or degree programs in massage therapy.

Massage therapist schools are excellent to candidates who are known for their “healing 출장마사지 hands.” Many times, training and education received in one of any number of massage therapist schools help to fine-tune innate skill levels and methods, which are mutually beneficial to the student and to clients. Learning about unique touch therapies and stress points, students enrolled in massage therapist schools will discover the effective healing potential that massage therapy offers.

Students participating in training programs at massage therapist schools gain hands-on instruction in assorted mind-body-spirit medicines and techniques. Typically, candidates will learn about physiology, anatomy, relaxation methods, deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. In some massage therapist schools, students will be introduced to supplementary courses in sports massage, Oriental massage modalities, craniosacral therapy, Trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, prenatal and infant massage, among many others.

Ordinarily, massage therapist schools provide a comprehensive training program of roughly 300-500 classroom hours. Increasingly, a growing number of massage therapist schools have begun to extend additional education and instruction in advanced curriculums. Advanced coursework may include education in pathology, communication skills, herbal sciences and medicine, natural healthcare and wellness, holistic nutrition and skincare, as well as other associated studies.

As a general rule, massage therapist schools award successful graduates with a certificate, diploma or degree. (Degree programs not available at all schools.) While continuing education is a must to those who have qualified to take the National certification exam, it is also important to those who have not earned National certification, as it keeps practitioners primed in their respective fields.

Today, massage therapist schools are a welcome addition to the educational industry as employment prospects for the field of massage therapy are expected to rise faster than average over other careers through the next few years. Furthermore, successful therapists, who have acquired education and training from any one of numerous massage therapist schools, can earn well above $30 hourly. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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