Are Distance Learning Degrees a Reality?

Have you ever thought of getting a distance learning degree? Do you know that 70 percent of the world’s workforce does not have post high school education? Do you want to be among the elite 15 percent who have university degrees? It is very simple if you enroll for distance-learning degrees.

Distance learning degrees are comparable to the on-campus degree in terms of the content and syllabus. Such a degree is essential to individuals who want to improve their careers and thereafter, improve their financial abilities lam bang dai hoc . The very sole importance of distance-learning is to deliver quality education to students who cannot be in a position to take their studies at campus due to distance or tight schedules. For this reason, distance learning is very popular with the current generation.

There are two major types of distance-learning that are offered by any accredited college. They are online and correspondence distance-learning degrees. They both offer great benefits to people who have a zeal for university education. However, before you decide to settle for distance learning degrees, it is important to weigh the advantages of such a degree over the campus based one. Once you do, you can make an informed decision.

One of the main advantages of distance-learning degrees is that the nature of learning offers great convenience. Usually, you can take your classes from any place as long as you are connected to the internet. Therefore, busy people who are always traveling can take their classes with ease. Sometimes, the instructor may have actually taught the classes even two days before but it is possible for the student to catch up because the information will always be available through the internet. Therefore, the aspect of missing the class is not possible.

Distance-learning degrees save you money. A lot of money is usually spent by campus students on food and traveling back and forth to the campus. The alternative is to board at the campus, which also requires room and board fees. It is also essential to note that food and some other essentials for upkeep will cost you money while at campus. Because of these factors, you may be financially burdened but distance-learning offers you the opportunity to study while at the same time carrying out your money-making ventures.

Any course that offers advantages has some disadvantages. Distance-learning degrees are not an exempt from this. For example, it requires discipline of the highest degree for an individual to ensure that he has attended the lectures and read the notes in order to pass his exams. Lack of self motivation and dedication has made some distance learning students fail their exams. Some students have also felt that they really need the true picture of a campus life which is usually a very common problem with distance learning students.

If you consider the cost involved with earning a college degree from a traditional college and broke it down by way of hour then you will probably find that your college degree has cost you a ridiculous amount. If also consider the cost per hour directly relevant to the lectures that you sat in where you learned nothing while doing your college degree then you will probably look at that college degree in disgust when you think of the cost in terms of your time and money. This is why an online college degree is probably the smartest option in regards to the hour versus value cost of receiving a college education.

Because you work on your online degree in the time that you have spare – meaning you don’t actually have to work on it full time then you can really see where the credit of this system lies. To the credit of the traditional college education system, they push people pretty hard to ensure that they get through the course. On a lighter note, that doesn’t excuse the lectures that you have likely attended hour after hour for days on end where you have not really learned anything. The traditional degree credit (where this is specific to what you have learned) per hour cost of undertaking the course may seem high compared to that of doing the course online.

If you are going back to earn a second university degree then doing it online is the way to go as you can utilize the qualification earned from your first degree to earn money and possibly pay for the degree that is relevant to the field you want to move into. So it is not all bad – every cloud has a silver lining. Doing college course online to earn that second degree also means you only need to do an hour or two worth of work a day to get the credit for the course. You might also look at which units you have already taken in your first course that can be transferred to your new degree to lower the cost of the course.

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