How to Make Your Essay More Long: Tips & Tricks To Filling the Paper Length Requirements

An important aspect of a college paper is its length. You can show your professor you have read and followed the provided instructions regarding essay size. It also shows you’ve put much thought and effort into the writing process. You don’t want your final draft to be shorter than the word count. So it’s crucial to include great content.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to lengthen an essay. Check out these simple tricks to increase the size and quality of your essay.

Some ways to make a piece of paper last longer
Learn how to make a longer paper. Although you can make your essay longer by using bigger font sizes and larger margins, these won’t fool professors. We have some tricks that will make your paper more long-lasting.

Tip #1: Use examples.

First, look back at your claims when trying to lengthen an academic essay. You can go back and review the ideas you’ve put forward. Did you have examples to support your ideas and back them up? If so, add some research to back up your claim. This will not only strengthen arguments, but will also increase the length of your paper.

For example, if you believe UFOs exist, you might include an example from an eyewitness sighting. Or a reference to a documentary. It is a good idea to use multiple examples for each idea. Your professor will appreciate that your claims are supported and you will be able write longer.

Tip #2 Use phrases/words in order to create transition ideas.

You can increase the length of your writing by using transitional words. Transitional words allow you to quickly jump from one idea into the next, while also bringing your reader along. You will also be able to increase the length your text. It’s a win/win deal.
Tip #3. Reverse outlining.

Reverse inlining is exactly as it sounds. After you have completed writing your paper you can read through it again to make an outline. This can help you organize pages more easily for others to see, and can even point out areas you need more of.

If you feel that there is something you could clarify, please let us know.

You can break up large paragraphs into several paragraphs to better explain ideas.

Tip #4: Go over your prompt. Again.

The prompt is probably familiar to you. But if the text is too long, go back and reread. Think about the following: Are you able to answer all of the questions posed by your professor? Did you back it up with persuasive language? Check that you have completed all of the requirements. If you haven’t, you need to make your document more detailed with additional information.

Tip #5: Use expert quotes.

Quotations can take up more space. Your paper should not be dominated by quotes from other authors. You can add your own research and quotes from experts to spice it up. This is a legitimate way not only to increase the words, but to show that others know your work and are open to ideas. Formatting is important to correctly cite and cite sources.

Tip #6

Check that every paragraph is formatted correctly. Each paragraph in an essay structure must contain a topic, supporting evidence, or argument, as well as a conclusion. These sentences can be used to make up for any missing paragraphs.

Tip 7: Use more words

It’s similar in spirit to a silly suggestion to “just add more phrases or words!” However, we urge you to take a closer look at your work. There are several clever ways you can use several words instead of one.

You can use “to become” verbs. Avoid saying “I eat fast.” Instead, write, “I’m a quick eater.”
Be more descriptive. Don’t just say “We had a lot of fun at the fair.” We had soo much fun on the Ferriswheel and eating funnel cakes.
Change verbs into nomuns “I concluded …” is shorter than …”.


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