Project Management – Achieving Your Desired Results

The cynic in me has seen projects that are nothing more than ways of deploying surplus staff – creating cult De sac ‘projects’ where they can do no damage – a direct result of cowardly performance management PMP certification .

I have also seen projects created for the glory of their creator – business as usual events that are magnified to create an impression of dynamism and as a way of empire building. Watch out for these and run a mile!

Cynicism aside, generally project management is used for managing a specific change which is outside the normal day to day activities with a fixed timetable. This is the approach defined in most methodologies. There is usually a specific budget to manage and a specific objective to deliver.

Despite all the sophisticated tools and techniques available, it is definitely not a black art. It is common sense and uses all good management techniques simply applied to one specific piece of work. However some potentially helpful tools have given rise to an industry.

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