Poker Tips For New Players – Visiting a Casino Cardroom For the First Time?

One of the first things that you will realize about real life poker rooms is that they’re truly a world apart from online poker rooms.

While you may be a whiz at the online sites, and even play 4 or more games simultaneously and have a nice bankroll as proof of your skill, real life games need a different approach. It is true that good play is something that remains constant, regardless of the environment. Hand selection, proper play, and knowledge of odds are basics that any player needs to learn, and ones that will serve you well in any poker game. You will need to remember all the card skills you’ve learned when you visit a real life cardroom for the first time, as well as picking up a few new skills idnplay .

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1. Patience. Yes, online poker takes patience as well, but in real life cardrooms you will probably notice how much slower the pace is. Here you are dealing with a human dealer and usually a full table of other players who may take their time checking, calling, and folding. When decisions are not just a mouse click away, it just takes more time. You may be a little bored with the game since it’s slower than the pace you’re used to online. If the cardroom allows reading material or music, you might enjoy these minor distractions so that you don’t get bored and play hands you shouldn’t.

2. Handling Chips and Cards. Internet players are completely unused to holding cards and chips. Everything on the net is virtual, and you may have never had to learn how to skillfully handle chips or cards. When you’re calling, raising, or betting with chips, make sure that you state your intention before you make a move. Then put a pile of chips out and count out the proper amount. Don’t worry about super speed, because you’ve already stated your intentions and that is appreciated by the dealer and the other players since it keeps the action moving. When you get your cards, it may take you a while to learn how to peek at your hand without revealing anything to others. Just cup your hands around the cards and lift the edges up gently while you glance down. During gameplay, make sure that you don’t hide your cards from view, it’s bad etiquette and cause others to act out of turn.

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