You Can’t Always Be Perfect When Dieting

When someone starts a new diet, it’s understandable that they’d be totally gung ho about the thing, completely motivated to lose those pesky pounds.

Motivation is good but all too often it leads to to some pretty strict self restraint.

Strict self restraint is also a good thing but I think, like everything else, it should be used in moderation.

I know this seems like some backward thinking and that surely being strict with yourself about diet would lead to some substantial weight loss but let me explain myself.

Being strict with yourself can only get you so far.

If you’re hard edged about every tiny thing you put in your face, exactly how many minutes you exercised and the exact number of calories in everything it’s bound to get old.

It may not seem like a pleasant sentiment, but it will get tiring and you will burn out.

For most people this happens within the first couple weeks when they’re trying to form a new habit or lifestyle and that’s where most of them fail.

If you want to succeed, don’t be so freakin’ hard on yourself.

It’s OK not to be a perfect eater, nobody is and if they say they are they are lying.

Weight loss comes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle includes a little moderation and the occasional treat.

The problem comes in when the occasional treat becomes the daily treat and pretty soon the daily treat becomes a complete lack of concern and utter loss of control when it comes to eating.

Control is good in moderation and treats Sonus Complete are good in moderation.

Where does that leave us?

Well like I’ve said, it’s OK not to eat perfectly but if you let desire control you you’ll get nowhere.

That said, how many treats are too many and how many are just right?

Based purely on my own experiences with weight loss I’d say that it’s good to be in control of what you’re eating at least 70% of the time.

Treats should be interspersed with several days to a couple weeks of good choices and healthy habits.

If you’ve done well for a week or two I think a cookie or a piece of pie would be fine.

However, many people feel that rewarding a good diet with unhealthy food is not a good thing.

Honestly, it sounds like a good sentiment but I think if you are good to yourself the majority of the time it shouldn’t matter what you reward yourself with.

It’s important, though to remember to record everything, even that cookie or piece of pie. If you stay on top of that, it supplies accountability and it gives you a good feeling of where you are.

After recording that cookie or piece of pie you may realize that it wasn’t that good or filling anyway, and that the number of calories it had wasn’t worth it for that fleeting few minutes of pleasure.

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