Online Dating – Gateway to Dating

If you are single, you probably are preoccupied with dating on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter the gender, finding a date for the weekend is as old as Adam and Eve. Men usually do the searching and asking while the ladies usually send signals to let men know they are available. Times have changed, so it isn’t uncommon if a lady does the asking but if you ask most ladies they still prefer to be asked first speed dating hk.

Online dating hasn’t been around as long as Adam and Eve, but it can be a gateway to a successful dating life no matter if you are looking for a date online or offline. Either case, online dating provides you with a venue to learn how to ask for a date without feeling the sting of rejection that is usually felt when you ask someone face to face. Normally, if you are rejected by someone at an online dating site, the rejection seems less personal. It may sound clinical, but online dating is a great place to hone your dating skills 交友apps.

I doubt if any one, male or female, enjoys rejection but from a male’s perspective, I can testify that rejection can be quite damaging to your confidence. It isn’t easy to work up the courage to ask a lady if she should would like to accompany you to dinner and getting a resounding no or an obvious excuse to try to spare your feelings. If you get several rejections, your are bound to ask yourself the single person’s mantra “what’s wrong with me 香港.”

Confidence can be contagious. If you lose it, it will haunt you from one rejection to the next. If you have it, it exudes in every action you take and success seems to be never ending. Even though you may be dying to be with the opposite sex for a weekend date, if you have no confidence, it is tough to portray the self-assurance needed to get him or her to say “yes” to your invite. Online dating may be the answer to gaining back the confidence you need to be a player in the dating world.

With online dating, dating rituals are less intense. Members at online dating sites seem to be laid back and are less concern about “what you look like” and more concerned about “who you are.” When you meet someone face to face asking for a date, within seconds the person being asked has to make an assessment of who you are, if they would feel secure being with you in an intimate situation, etc. With online dating it is two people casually talking through a keyboard and the threat or fear of intimacy is not as prevalent. Your confidence with the opposite sex usually is regained if lost and your new found confidence can carry on in the face to face dating world when asking someone for a date. You still may be rejected, but knowing that you have the haven of your online dating world, your whole persona and casual approach to asking someone face to face for a date seems to be reflected in your approach and rejected is less likely. Of course, many who found their confidence at an online dating site, may also find the love of their life. Either way, online dating is a place to find yourself if you lost the confidence to jump into the world of dating.

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