Annihilate Belly Fat With These 4 Flat Tummy Diet Foods

Okay folks, are you ready to annihilate belly fat? Are you tired of looking at the “spare tire” and can’t figure out how to get rid of it? Well, the ‘secret’ (if you want to call it that) to get rid of tummy fat begins and ends with proper nutrition. In this article here, I have listed for you 4 flat tummy diet foods to help you “annihilate belly fat” fast!

Before I talk about the types of foods everyone should have in their diets to lose tummy fat, and lose it fast, let me first explain to you the basic core principles of a healthy lifestyle. These principles are so basic, but yet so powerful….which leaves me scratching my head wondering why most people don’t follow them…..

What are these principles you ask? Obviously, proper nutrition as stated above, drinking plenty of water daily (I recommend for you to drink 1/2 to 1 gallon daily), get plenty of sleep daily (7-8 hours of sleep nightly is ideal), cardio exercise (high intensity works best), and weight training exercise (make sure you focus on building lean muscle as this is a sure fire way to get a flat tummy lightning fast)!

Okay, what are those 4 flat tummy Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews diet foods?

1. Protein (Lean poultry such as chicken and turkey, almonds, egg whites, protein shakes)

2. Fiber (Lentils, quinoa, whole grains, apples)

3. Healthy Fats (Fish…especially tuna and salmon, almonds, olive oil)

4. Vitamins & Minerals (This should be a no brainer – fruits & veggies!) Here’s a little tip: Make sure you get a lot of green veggies daily as this will do wonders on your digestive system causing an extra boost in your metabolism.

Those are the best foods you should have in your diet to get a flat tummy lightning fast!!

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