Weight Loss Books – Six Books That Will Show You How to Lose Weight Fast

I have to start of by confessing that I have fought fat all my life. I hate diets and dieting because food is such a part of my happiness scheme. I suppose I should go for a session on the Dr. Phil show. As I write this I am losing weight yet again and this time I have a bit more optimism because I have a maintenance plan already in place and I have finally found the weight loss books that male sense to me.

Weight loss books have helped me in the past to lose weight so many times that I have become somewhat of an anecdotal expert on them. My theory is that no matter how great a diet is and no matter how fast it will make you lose weight, it won’t do you a lick of good if you don’t follow it. So each person needs to find the weight loss books that fit their lifestyles the best.

When I set about choosing my top 6 weight loss books I prioritized what I thought I could sacrifice on a diet and what I felt I needed to keep. First of all I feel that any successful diet needs a little naughty in it. Staying away from my gotta-have-it foods for the rest of my life sends me running in the opposite direction of that diet book. I also feel that I should see at least 2 pounds a week loss. Another thing I want in a diet plan is no plateaus! I want the diet plan to be reasonably healthy and last of all I want it to include a lifetime maintenance plan so I know exactly what to do after I have reached my goals. So to review, my priorities were as follows:

The weight loss books should….

  • have a little naughty in it
  • average at least 2 lbs. a week
  • have no diet plateaus
  • be reasonably healthy
  • have a lifetime maintenance plan

The Every Other Day Diet

The first weight loss book I recommend is The Every Other Day Diet by Jon Benson which downloads as an eBook but you can buy a hard back version. This best-selling book meets all of my criteria along with the worlds easiest diet meal plan. You can virtually get started with this plan and have in mastered in a few minutes. Another favorite thing of mine is that you get to be naughty for lunch every other day. This weight loss book is not about fasting every other day but about getting a treat every other day.

Living Life Healthy

The second of my 6 weight loss books is Strip That Fat’s Living Life Healthy. Not only does it exceed my criteria it is Revitaa pro the healthiest of the weight loss books. Besides getting the diet you also book get Calworries a companion volume that is one of the most extensive calorie guides I have seen. You also get a free blog, lifetime membership to the Strip That Fat forum. All for the price of the book. Cool!

Fat Loss 4 Idiots

This is the third book in my library and one of the best sellers of the bunch. This is a book for people who don’t think they can lose weight the methods you learn in it explode your fat burning mechanisms in your body. You can lose an amazing amount of weight in the first 11 days. I highly recommend this one of the weight loss books to people who are highly motivated to get the weight off fast.

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

If you are looking for more than just fat loss among these weight loss books and would like a little or a lot of definition or just to look great naked then this is my recommendation for you. In this book you will learn the relationship between lean muscle mass and fat loss and you will learn how to achieve a fat burning, lean machine body.

Turbulence Training

This weight loss book falls in the category of fitness and fat loss. It will show you in detail how to eat properly and exercise using resistance training to achieve a body that you could never have believed you would have. This book is a must for those that want the built look.

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