Features of Field Tarps

Ever had to cancel a game because rains had drenched your grounds? With field tarps that offer you 100% ground protection, you need not allow the rains to play foul with your games. A field tarp protects your ground from grass, dirt, sod, water, wind, fire and UV rays. Most of them are designed to withstand temperatures as low was -40 F. They can also stand up to winds as high as 65 mph.

The baseball tarp is the most common of all athletic field tarps. This is a heavy duty polyethylene tarp that is cut to look like a baseball diamond. These are used to protect the field from foul weather and strong winds. However, others are available to protect baseball and soccer fields. Generally, baseball tarps are made of polyethylene though others may be made from other materials like canvas.

Everbilt 40 ft. x 60 ft. Blue Medium Duty Tarp-BP4060 - The Home Depot

They are so commonly used that some schools spend well over $10,000 to cover their fields during bad weather. Of course, many people balk at the thought of spending such a huge amount on field covers, but when it comes to buying tarps, the basic rule of quality over quantity must be adhered to tarpaulin covers.

Cheap tarps offer no guarantee to your fields. So, if you want to protect your field from sparks in a firework display, using cheap tarps may singe your ground. On the other hand, heavy duty tarps can offer complete protection. They are generally quite heavy and may weigh up to 1,500 lbs. The weight varies according to size. A full infield tarp is the heaviest. Ideally, heavy duty tarps have a thick polyethylene coating and have a very high mesh count (approx 14×14 weave).

One of the reasons people like to buy heavy duty ones is durability and longevity. These last several seasons. Many poly tarps can easily last more than 6-8 years although the warranty period may be limited to 3-5 years. That is why many grounds make use of them that are reinforced with chain lining and contain rust proof grommets. Field covers are wear, tear, fire and acid resistant.

Major leagues use a full length field cover, which in addition to protecting the field also protects the grass on the infield. If you want to protect more than your sports field, you need these made for the mount, bullpen and plate.

Most of them are undergoing a lot of improvement even as we speak. This shows how popular these items are. For instance, baseballĀ tarpsĀ are now shipping with chain lined edges that help keep the tarps on the ground. With these in place, you do not need stakes or sandbags to hold the tarp in place. In case of a sudden storm or wind, no time need be wasted in rolling out and securing these tarps.

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